Pacific Northwest Inspirations

The Pacific Northwest has an abundance of flavors that are native and non-native. I am thankful for the many flavors found in the PNW and try incorporating both types into my cooking as often as I can.

The non-native commodities that are grown and raised in the Pacific Northwest are crucial to the economic viability of the PWN region. My fiancé and I are both blessed to be fifth generation farmers and ranchers. As producers we understand the importance of both growing and raising them, as well as consuming and purchasing these commodities locally whenever possible.

Native flavors found in the Pacific Northwest are truly delicious and precious. These native flavors are so much fun to create and cook with. Along with being farmers and ranchers we also are active hunters and gatherers (I am more of the gatherer but Austin is an avid hunter and hunting guide).We eat what we kill and eat what we gather. The wild game is preserved by freezing or by canning. The berries we forage during the summer months are also preserved by freezing and canning also.

Recipes are categorized as Berries and Fruit, Farm Favorites, Grains and Legumes, Vegetables, and Wild Game. 

Thank you for reading and please message me with any questions you may have 🙂